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I'm a multi passionate entrepreneur helping women find and shine their light so they can move forwards with clarity and confidence.
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Welcome to my world....

This website is WAY overdue, I have been focusing my energy on social media and online communities but the desire to blog is getting to hard to ignore, I have created this site myself so I can share my thoughts and creations in an online space and well to have a website for people to find all my work.

If you read my tagline you will see that I am a woman with many hats, I thrive on variety and absolutely love having several projects to work on, I'm always learning and adding to my skill set so I can help my clients in new and beneficial ways.

Underpinning all my ventures are my strong values and a desire to help people feel happier and healthier, more confident and positive, you may think weddings and intuitive guidance don't have much in common or social media training and energy healing are a strange mix but I have the skills to make it work!

I love what I do and my mission is to encourage and inspire others to follow their dreams and live their lives to their full potential, I want to inspire people to do the things they love and follow their passions no matter how many and how diverse they are! 

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Energy Alignment, Energy Editing Gamma Mindset Coaching, Mentoring, Intuitive Guidance, Essential Oils & Crystals

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Wedding Planning & Styling, Be Well Events, Inspired Souls Business Gathering, Wiltshire & Somerset Business Community

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'Progress not perfection is the only way to bridge a gap between your ability and your ambition' 

'The key to success is to start before you are ready' 

Marie Forleo


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