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Fun Facts! What makes me feel happy!

The Sunshine

Riverdale on Netflix

Flowers & Plants (Orchids especially!)

Books (I would literally live in a book shop)

Chilled glass of prosecco & slice of cake!  (Dairy & Gluten free)



I'm Helen and welcome to my 'Meet Me' section, below I have outlined what I do but I imagine you might like to know a bit about me first of all! 

People say I am a happy person, creative, kind and friendly, I have on occasion been called an inspiration (blushing). I do thrive on variety and love turning my passions into businesses and exploring new interests.

I believe life is here to be embraced and we should do what makes us happy, no playing small or holding ourselves back which is why I love helping people clear their blocks and fears.


My background is in hotels, I left school and went into hospitality staying in this field for nearly 20 years but gaining many skills from working in sales, marketing, weddings & events, management & the front office. I finally saw the light in 2015 and left to start my own business and what a brilliant journey it's been since! 

My first business still thriving is I Do Weddings - Styling & Planning, I took all my knowledge from organising weddings and events and used it to create beautiful weddings, soon to followed by Be Well Events this started as a hobby which has grown into a business, you see I love events, organising, planning and making happen. Connection is high on my list of values and I get great joy from bringing like minded people together which is why I also run a networking group and meetings as well! 


I'm what's known as a 'multipotentialite', the definition for this is 

A multipotentialite is someone with many interests and creative pursuits. It stems from the word multipotentiality –a psychological and educational term used to describe people who display aptitudes across multiple disciplines.


I get very excited about learning new skills and using them to help others, my most asked question is 'how do you do it all' my answer is I just do it, I take action, I follow my intuition and I do what I am passionate about! 


I am also an Alignment Coach using energetic techniques to help people get free of fears, blocks, self limiting beliefs and self sabotaging behaviours. I got really into holistic health and alternative therapies after going on a deep healing journey myself after suffering from panic attacks and anxiety daily for nearly two years, on this journey of discovery my spiritual gifts reopened which I now use in my work in alignment sessions, card readings and daily life.

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