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I have always been into all the things, I get excited by learning and exploring new ideas and experiences, I'm an Emotional 5/2 Generator so I go all in on things and get totally lit up stuff like Human Design, Astrology, Numerology and ways we can delve deeper into understanding our make up.

Being an empath means I also need lots of alone time to recharge and am happy in my own company but I love connecting with like minded souls so I am always working on balance in my life, I call myself an introvert extrovert.

I am intuitive empath with psychic abilities, I see spirit wandering about my home occasionally and have a connection with the angelic realm, spirituality is a big part of my life, Ive been on one hell of a journey, especially in the past 7-8 years and have practices I encorporate into my daily life, I have a huge thirst for knowledge so throw myself into mastering everything I feel drawn to (Human Design at the moment!) 


 Since my early teenage years I have been into wellbeing for the mind, body and soul, I love treating myself with beautiful skincare and pampering treatments as I'm a big advocate of self love and looking after ourselves, to maintain wellbeing on the inside I follow a vegan and gluten free diet (lots of food intolerances) which I love and has forced me into learning to cook, something that that has never come naturally to me so I'm quite proud I can now knock up a few tasty dishes.

Anxiety effected me profoundly after the birth of my beautiful son Stanley, 13 years ago, a traumatic birth, a baby who hardly ever slept and becoming a solo parent within 6 months triggered panic attacks and terrifying anxiety, the memory of that time is raw however I have turned it into a positive through my own healing journey and exploring many natural alternative methods to deal with the challenges and obstacles in life not only so I can support myself but also all who are drawn to work with me.

I'm an earthy Capricorn Sun, Rising, Moon & Mercury and also have a stellium of planets in Virgo & Life path 8 in numerology

 I'm a creative, big picture thinker, brimming with ideas, love launching new businesses, organising and hosting events, 

creating connections and building communities, laughing oh and I like running and muddy type obstacle shenanigans  

Human Design, Astrology, Energy Healing, Law of Attraction, Personal Development are all my jam along with my work which I am dedicated to as a coach and healer.

I look forward to learning more about you 

Helen xx

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