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20 Ways To Raise Your Vibration

Everything is energy, everything has its own vibration including us humans, when we maintain a high vibration we tend to feel happier, more aligned, peaceful, optimistic

and as a by product and working with the law of attraction (like attracts like) then we are going to able to welcome in more high vibe experiences, opportunities and such into our reality.

I felt inspired to create this quick list on what you can do to raise your vibration and to keep things balanced I have included what will lower your vibration at the bottom of the page!

  1. Listen to your favourite music

  2. Dance

  3. Sing

  4. Meditate

  5. Chant

  6. Breathwork

  7. Exercise

  8. Yoga

  9. Drink plenty water & stay hydrated

  10. Eat nourishing, healthy food

  11. Practice energy medicine, clearing & protection

  12. Laugh

  13. Epsom Salts Bath / Foot Bath

  14. Lie flat on the floor

  15. Connect with nature

  16. Walking barefoot on the grass

  17. Positive Affirmations

  18. Work with crystals and essential oils

  19. Light incense

  20. Have a digital detox

  21. Rest and relax

  22. Connect with a loved one

  23. Do a good deed for someone else

  24. Practice gratitude

  25. Try something new

  26. Get creative

  27. Pay someone a compliment

  28. Declutter

  29. Focus on the good

  30. Step outside your comfort zone

  31. Forgive yourself and others to let go of resentment & heavy energy

  32. Orgasms - have sex with someone who you love, trust and have a deep connection with (including yourself)

10 Ways You Are Lowering Your Vibration

1. Not getting enough sleep

2. Drinking too much alcohol

3. Taking drugs

4. Watching the news/consuming too much social media

5. Watching porn / casual sex

6. Eating processed food

7. Not switching off enough from technology

8. Overworking

9. Stress/Overwhelm

10 Staying in toxic situations

11. Being around negative people

Stay high vibe beautiful souls

Helen xx

Helen Pinkett is an Energy Healer, Intuitive Empath & Lightworker with a slight obsession with Astrology and all things related to Spirituality, the Universe, Personal Growth & Mindset

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