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3 Tips For Managing Overwhelm

I've made a pact with myself to write one blog a week and I'm feeling quite proud of myself for getting this far!

I have even made a list of the topics I am going to write about, this is good progress.

A subject that has come up a lot recently is overwhelm, I am going to be speaking on the subject next week so this felt like a good opportunity to share.

So, overwhelm - hands up if you have suffered with this stop you in your tracks uncomfortable feeling? Both my hands are in the air at this stage by the way!

It has happened to me regularly in the past and more so in the last 6 months (cant think why?!)

I hate feeling overwhelmed, I'm sure nobody enjoys it but that stuck feeling of having so much to do but not able to any of it, procrastinating and your head feels like its got a whirlwind inside with thoughts, plans and ideas swishing round but NONE of it getting done.

More and more people are suffering with overwhelm, its all to do with this obsession with being busy. We think for some reason that we need to be 'doing' all the time, if we aren't busy we aren't achieving (note there is a big difference between being busy & being productive!) so we take on more projects, say yes to all sorts of things and then end up running around like a headless chicken half doing jobs and burning out from stress.

Whilst we may never completely get rid of overwhelm there are a few things we can do to keep on top of it, I could write a whole book on the subject but today I will just share my 3 tips, here goes....

1) Make A Plan

Look at what you need to do and what you want to achieve and make a plan so you have a bit of structure to your day, even if its a loose guide (for those who like to go with the flow)

With a bit of organisation in place you are more likely to stay on track and not disappear into a rabbit hole of social media, YouTube or whatever your favourite distraction.

2) Baby Steps

Look at the big picture for each project then chunk it down into tiny actions, by taking small consistent steps forwards you will reach your big goals without getting stressed out by the sheer size of the goal. You might want to break these actions down into timed sections, say 20 mins per action. By giving an action full focus for a set amount of time you will get so much further when you know you only have a set time to get stuff done.

3) Lighten Up

Are you being too hard on yourself? Go back to to your to do list and work out the top 3 things that need to get done first. The problem is we give ourselves endless to do lists, we keep adding to it as we like to have a list but the thing is you will NEVER get everything done! Take a step, take the pressure off, look at the big picture and do the priorities and the rest can get moved to tomorrow and so on and so on.

Stop pressuring yourself to do ALL the things, do what you can and do it in flow

When you remember to follow them, these tips can really help to move you into a space of feeling more in control and able to get started with ease.

Until next time......


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