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A Multi What?........

Hi, my names Helen I'm a multipotentialite

Blank faces, a what????

Errm, someone who does lots of different things

I first heard the term several years ago, at my regular networking meeting (Women Mean Biz) it was my turn to be the member of the month so I spent 10 minutes trying to explain what I did for a business.

'You are a multipotentialite' said Sarah, this sentence was enlightening, you mean there is a term for someone like me!!


I'm not alone, there's other people like me!

Double hooray

For some time I wondered if I was doing something wrong, I embraced self employment and jumped into every opportunity, said yes to everything and enrolled on A LOT of online courses.

Knowing that there was a whole bunch of similar peeps out there greatly comforted me and over time I have grown to love my multi passionate self and have found some pretty cool celebrity ones to follow too!

So I have ended up with many businesses, businesses that I love and I will continue to add to my skillset as I go. This is good news for my clients as it means I can support in many different ways.

For those who are still in the dark as to what a multipotentialite is, here is the Wikipedia definition

Multipotentiality is an educational and psychological term referring to the ability and preference of a person, particularly one of strong intellectual or artistic curiosity, to excel in two or more different fields.[1][2]

It can also refer to an individual whose interests span multiple fields or areas, rather than being strong in just one. Such traits are called multipotentialities, while "multipotentialites" has been suggested as a name for those with this trait.

By contrast, those whose interests lie mostly within a single field are called "specialists."

So there it is my first blog on my new website, looking forward to letting my creativity flow on these pages!

Much Love


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