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August 2022 - Astrology Energy Overview

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

August, a powerful month of energetic shifts, downloads, breakthroughs and awakenings

Moving into the second half of 2022 and the shifts just keep on coming, the frequency of the planet is elevating, we are moving from 3d into 5d being in this space where we are straddling between the two, it can be feeling pretty intense some days as the energies are shifting and paradigms are merging, take care if you are feeling it strongly, drink plenty of water and listen to your body, ground, nourish and connect with nature

August’s high vibrational energies encourage us to release old fears, stories, negativity, behaviours and attachments that are keeping us stuck in the past or holding us back from moving forwards.

Listen to your soul, it will guide you into your new reality

In terms of Numerology August carries the energy of the number 5 which carries the frequencies of change, freedom, adventure, growth, self confidence and curiousity

Astrology Overview

1st - Mars Conjunct Uranus With North Node in Taurus

Firey Mars meets the 'Great Awakener' Uranus along with the North Node can create huge ripples of change, paths we are on individually and collectively can be completely diverted

These 3 energies can create a desire for more self sufficiency, stability, independence and a stronger self worth.

Expect massive change and unexpected events, you may be feeling restless during this chaotic energy so use it to exercise/move your body in a way you enjoy or do something productive that focuses your mind, remember it will pass and do not let yourself slide into fear.

8th - Lionsgate Portal

The Lionsgate Portal opened on the 26th July and closes on the 12th August with it being celebrated as it reaches its peak on 8th August. The Lionsgate is a powerful galactic portal that opens when the spiritual alignment occurs of the Sirius Star (the spiritual sun) rising on the 8th day of the 8th month in Leo season (a particularly potent day in numerology).

The portal brings high frequency energies creating spiritual awakenings and growth, wisdom, downloads and powerful energy for manifesting.

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11th - Super Full Moon in Aquarius + Venus Enters Leo

The 3rd in a row of 3 Super Full Moons this one falls in the air sign of Aquarius bringing a desire for freedom, power and success, this energy can support you in overcoming weaknesses and embracing your authenticity, going with the flow and following life's cycles

Venus the planet of love and beauty moves into firey passionate Leo, the ruler of the heart, this energy will help you to connect fully with your heart and make bold moves or decisions regarding matters of the heart.

22nd - Virgo Season Begins

Happy Birthday Virgos! Its your turn as we leave fiery outgoing Leo and move into the grounded, practical and organised energy of Virgo, be wary of being over critical or caught up in routines.

Virgo is the virgin goddess who loves independence, confidence and strength also encourages you to love yourself and your body to take care of yourself and treat yourself like a goddess or god

24th - Uranus Goes Retrograde

Uranus the planet of awakening, innovation and change goes retrograde on the 24th, when its in retro it can help you to make big change in your life and to think in new innovative ways.

Known as the 'Great Awakener' this energy will bring light bulb moments, realisations and an upgrade in the way you think, perhaps you will be able to see the bigger picture around events

27th - New Moon In Virgo

Virgo this earthy practical, grounded sign brings themes of.......

  • Focusing on health

  • Setting stronger boundaries

  • Energetic cleansing

  • Work and daily routine

Virgo the Virgin Goddess encourages us to trust ourselves, find our independence, and treat our body as a temple.

Mars is active at this time too so be mindful of acting impulsively or letting our tempers take over!

Overall August is bringing in energies of strength, courage, restoration

Its a good time for you to dig deep and be strong, be confident and trust in yourself

allow expansion, overcome fears and self doubt.

Keep the focus and persevere towards your goals

Make productive use of these energies by:

  • Focusing on physical exercise to alchemize your spirit.

  • Letting go of the habit of judging yourself and others.

  • Releasing old painful memories.

  • Playing with your inner child, kids, or pets.

  • Engaging in energy healing.

Have a fabulous month

Lots of Love

Helen xx

Helen Pinkett is an Energy Healer, Intuitive Empath & Lightworker with a slight obsession with Astrology and all things related to Spirituality, the Universe, Personal Growth & Mindset

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