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Client Case Study - Energy Editing

''I've been a marketing executive and then a home school mum before, but this time round there was the added pressure of a break up and becoming a single income household. Then, the second lockdown hit, mere months after moving home to Bristol with my 4 children, in the midst of organising new schools for the kids and setting up my own marketing consultancy, stressed really didn’t cover it! Lockdown II had become a total survival mode situation and Helen Pinkett was truly my saviour!

I’ve always understood, when I was not functioning at full capacity or when a situation began to feel difficult, that I needed to look inward in order to move forward. I’d simply stop, take a breath, then make an effort to shift my perspective. But in the last 8 years or so I’ve become really present to the power of energy clearance and the situations where I may need assistance, through engaging with a variety of coaches.

Their guidance led me to acknowledge the hereditary, ancestral and familial influences that can affect our inner monologue. Only 5% of our actions are truly conscious decisions, a great deal occurs on a subconscious level, which encouraged me to be open to this type of treatment.

Reading ‘The Big Leap’ introduced me to the theory of self-sabotage appearing when trying to up-level your life, each new height brings its own block that prevents you performing at your best. With Helen, I just felt guided around them. As always there was a natural scepticism trying something new, I always have questions!

But an open mind is so important and Helen is a skilled and compassionate practitioner, who I can no longer imagine my life without! . We met on an online networking group, it was great to talk with such a supportive collection of ladies, and I felt drawn to working with Helen almost immediately. Her healing talents and that beautiful blonde hair (I’ve hair envy, every time!), she’s honestly downright angelic! Her energy is so open and likable, she believes so deeply in what she does, that it literally shines out of her!

Helen released an offer for an energy healing group session and I jumped at the chance to take part The experience was amazing enough for me to immediately book a 1:1 with her and soon after I indulged in an Energy Clearing session. My first time centred around letting go, I was angry at being alone, post break up, post move and mid-lockdown. The intense stress was beginning to have a physical effect on me, I’d not really understood how stress could kill, but suddenly, I got it. Helen had arrived just in time!

Having embarked on my entrepreneurial journey, I began to use Helen for work related issues too. My new venture, combined with the added pressures of lockdown, had forced me to face my first work worry, visibility! Showing up online was a huge issue for the introvert within me, I literally wasn’t putting myself anywhere. By working through my insecurities around being seen and heard, I finally gave myself permission to forgive mistakes from my previous relationship and literally found my voice. Then more recently under extreme property sale stress, I even managed to scoop an emergency session – like an on call angel, Helen came to my rescue once again!

An initial chat with Helen really helps to focus in on what exactly’s preventing the progress or peace. I almost always know where its coming from, but by really delving in to the emotions and feelings behind the situation you find yourself immersed and focused on something quite specific. I end up repeating a word in my head or really zoned in on how it feels. The intensity of focus continues to increase until there’s an eventual release for me it’s often, a physical reaction, tears or jitters before a visual appears in my mind.

My most visceral memory from my initial healing was envisaging being stood behind a threshold and struggling to cross. Beyond it were all the women in my life, past and present, reaching their arms to pull me across, saying “we’re here” and “you are supported”. The feeling of safety afterwards was deeply affirming, that feeling of love and support remained and allowed me to shed my fear of vulnerability and judgement.

I’m usually a little groggy the following day, Helen advises Epsom Salt baths and keeping hydrated. Then slowly, over the following weeks, the shifts gently slide in to your subconsciousness, my progress is swifter and peace returns! It’s simply magical!

I’m aware when I want to move forward and when there’s internal fear or resistance, I call on Helen.

Facing blocks alone can be really uncomfortable, so we often walk away, distract ourselves to save from digging too hard and block our own path. It is a great encouragement having someone skilled beside you, to hold a space for you where you’re safe, but can’t turn away. Emotional reactions can feel a little uncomfortable, but vulnerability is key and trusting your guide and the safe space they create is imperative in order to make breakthroughs.

Everything worth having is on the other side of fear and I highly recommend trusting Helen as your guide!''

If you are interested in working with me please drop me a line -


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