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Entrepreneur Energy Boosters

Looking after your energy is essential in life, especially as a business owner.

Business owners tend to go all in at the start full of excitement and enthusiasm, working all hours and putting all their energy into their new creation, its totally understandable at the beginning its thrilling and totally all encompassing. Although it can be hard to sustain if you aren't looking after yourself properly.

Here's my top tips on how to keep your business vibes high...

1) Find a way that works for you - get into a routine that fits well with how you like to work.

I used to say to all my clients to get up as early as possible and get cracking (this is how I like to work) but now I tend to say that its best to find your own rhythm and work with that rather than trying to force yourself to work at 7am when you are a night owl. Although I don't recommend working too late at night and don't let work interfere with your sleeping pattern.

2) Take regular breaks - when did you last take a full day off? Can't remember? Then its time you took some time out. With the age we live in with 24/7 social media and being on duty at all times it can be difficult to switch off, its so important you do. When you come back you will be even more productive.

3) Do the bits you enjoy - outsource the rest. If you hate accounts why not get someone else to do them, find social media a drain then get a pro to do it for you. You need to focus on what you are good at and what you love. There's nothing more draining than spending hours over a job you don't enjoy.

4) Keep learning - personal development is my passion and the best way to keep growing and evolving, whether its a course, a new book or listening to podcasts keep on educating yourself. Growth keeps things exciting and keeps your energy high

5) Work/life balance - you've heard this before but I can't stress how important getting the balance right is. I often remind myself that the reason I am self employed is that I can spend more time with my family but so many people end working more hours because they feel they have too. Remember you are in control, set yourself good clear boundaries of work & leisure time.

6) Stay aligned - ensure you stay in alignment with your values, ethos, beliefs and vision. If it don't feel right, don't do it. If your gut says yes then do it. I'm a big believer in following your intuition and going with how things feel. Your inner voice will keep you on the right path if you pay attention to it.

Now I'm off to practice what I preach!

Stay Positive

Helen x

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