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Lighten Up – How Having More Fun Can Help You Achieve Your Goals More Easily

Do you get all consumed when working towards a goal?

It’s easy is to forget to have fun when you are working towards deadlines, goals and dreams.

You are focused, driven and your eyes are firmly on that goal, you are serious about getting this done. You work extra long hours, self care gets forgotten about and you start feeling anxious and overwhelmed, its starting to feel like a struggle and grind, this isn’t fun, it’s not enjoyable.

We often become totally focused on the outcome that we forget to enjoy the journey then when we have hit that goal we are straight onto the next one rarely stopping to congratulate ourselves.

When working towards a big juicy goal we tend to focus on the achievement itself and how that’s going to feel, we forget to look at the big picture and enjoy the whole journey itself meaning on the way we put unnecessary pressure on ourselves, get overwhelmed and stressed and end up slogging away getting frustrated and exhausted.

What if you could reframe this and make work more FUN, inject more joy, relax a little and still get awesome results?!

This may go against everything you have ever been taught, you may have heard phrases like ‘you have to work hard to be successful’, ‘money doesn’t come easily’ & ‘being an entrepreneur is stressful’, these are outdated old beliefs that have been programmed into your thinking. There’s a new way of doing things

Let’s put a new spin on things and spark joy into all we do, lose the thinking that life has to be hard and start enjoying every second we are lucky enough to be given.

‘I can do less and attract more’

Gabby Bernstein

Here are a few easy ways to bring more fun into work…….

1) Schedule in more fun & self care – How often do you find yourself with another week gone by and you can’t remember doing anything but working? This needs to change! Grab your diary and block out slots for you to do something you enjoy, a trip to the cinema, an exercise class, a beauty treatment, a Netflix session or lunch out with friends. Whatever floats your boat, book it in, get it scheduled or it just won’t happen. Having fun and prioritising the things you love doing will give you something to look forward and put you in a better mood as you will have more balance.

2) Create an inspirational work area – Check out your workspace, is cluttered? Messy? Disorganised? Give yourself some time to create a really joyful space, use plants, pictures & anything you find inspirational to bring life to your work area. If you like the space you will enjoy being there more and will boost your creativity and enjoyment factor. Don’t forget to blast out your favourite tunes as well, music is food for the soul

3) Regularly reward yourself – When you complete a task don’t forget to congratulate yourself with a little treat, put the kettle on make a delicious drink, give yourself 5 mins on your favourite social media platform or get up and have a little dance around. Don’t forget to log all your achievements daily, this is a great morale booster to look back on when you are having an off day plus focusing on all the wins keeps you on a positive note

4) Find a routine that works for you, I’m an early bird and love nothing more than the peace and space that an early start gives me plus I get my best work done between 6am & Midday. This isn’t so for everyone so I recommend to my clients that they find a way of working that suits them best. I like to be done for the day by 3pm but many people might like to start at this time. Of course be mindful of working too late into the night as being sleep deprived sucks the fun out of everything

5) Tune into the frequency of happiness and focus on the enjoyment in ALL you do. Even the most tedious of tasks have something positive in them, find that tiny speck of light and amplify it, turn it up and if you can’t find anything good focus on how good you will feel when you’ve completed it!

I love my work and have pushed myself way too many times in the past that have led me to burn out and overwhelm, I have learnt to lighten up and have more fun, this means things flow to me a lot easier, opportunities present themselves at the right time and I listen to my body and take a break when I need it.

As much as I’m a workaholic I’m also a huge believer that life should be about balance. You have got to have fun along the way & make the most of every day and ultimately when you relax you attract more success.

Try letting go of the reins and loosening up a little, laugh more, smile a lot and remember you are here for a good time not a long time!

Keep Smiling


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