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Neptune Retrograde - 28th June 2022

Neptune is the second planet of the month to turn retrograde.

We now have a total of three planets in retrograde – Pluto, Saturn, and Neptune.

Neptune goes retrograde every year for about five months or around 160 days

When a planet goes retrograde it basically means it slows down so it appears to be going backwards, this is an optical illusion but creates energetic shifts for us.

Neptune is associated with dreams, illusions, mysticism, and spirituality, Neptune is a visionary planet that allows us to dream up our wildest fantasies and open our minds to a world of possibilities.

Its the ruler of Pisces & brings its imaginative, compassionate, and intuitive spirit

As Neptune enters retrograde motion, we may experience new information or a higher truth coming to light. Something that felt like it was in the shadows may start to make sense to us or take on a new meaning.

We may also have new realizations or ah-ha moments under this energy that can help inspire spiritual awakenings and new spiritual thought.

Retrogrades get bad press but they really aren't anything to fear, they can all bring about positive change - here are a few things you can expect from this Neptune Retrograde...

1. Heightened Intuition

Neptune is connected to intuition, during this time its good to re-connect and listen to your intuition and gut feelings - not just listen but trust as well

2. Enhanced Mental Focus & Creativity

Your mental focus may be feeling stronger than ever and your creativity flowing, allow yourself to express this in whichever way feels right for you, dancing, painting, cooking, writing - in whichever form just let it out

3. Heightened Spirituality

Neptune is associated with all things mystical and spiritual making all spiritual activity heightened during this retrograde. You may be feeling drawn to implement a new spiritual practice or rituals

4. Manifest Your Most Desired Reality

Manifestation is especially potent now, particularly when you pay attention to your intuition and follow your dreams. You are creating your reality with your thoughts so ensure you are focusing on all the positives and things you do want to call in

Enjoy this wonderful energy, it feels like its going to be quite delicious!

Stay grounded!

Helen xx

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