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New Moon In Cancer - June 2022

The Cancer New Moon is taking place on the 28th June this is the sign of intuition, self care, feminine power and nurturing

Watch in the days following this Cancer New Moon for deeper insights, higher truths, and greater clarity.

The June 2022 Cancer New Moon will heighten our sensitivity and magnify our emotions, but it also brings the promise of greater clarity and seeing a higher truth.

If you are already feeling sensitive and raw, definitely take extra steps in the days surrounding this New Moon to protect your energy, set your boundaries, and practice self-care.

Harness The Power Of The Cancer New Moon.....

*Embracing and accepting your emotions

*Allowing your vulnerability and seeing the strength in it

*Nourishing and nurturing yourself

*Connecting with your intuition

*Reflect on loyalty in relationships

*Set intentions to be a more loving and caring partner or friend

The New Moon in Cancer is a particularly special lunar event for manifestation, as that heightened intuition naturally pushes you towards the goals and dreams that will result in the best outcome for your spiritual growth

The Moon is the ruler of Cancer so you may be impacted more heavily by strong emotions as the Moon is the planet of emotions.

The Crab is the symbol of Cancer known for its hard protective shell it is actually very soft within, Cancer is fiercely protective of loved one

Under this New Moon you may become moody and emotionally unpredictable, avoid facing up to things and wanting to withdraw into your shell and hide away

Affirmations For The Cancer New Moon

I love myself deeply and unconditionally always

I let my emotions guide me

I trust my intuition

My sensitivity is my strength

Crystals For The Cancer New Moon

Watermelon Tourmaline



Rose Quartz

Enjoy this softer, gentle loving energy!

Much Love

Helen xx

Helen Pinkett is an Energy Healer, Intuitive Empath & Lightworker with a slight obsession with Astrology and all things related to Spirituality, the Universe, Personal Growth & Mindset

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