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Raising Your Vibration With Crystals & Essential Oils

Everything is energy, everything you can see, yourself as well as your thoughts, feelings and emotions have a vibration, this scale of frequency is measured in Hertz.

For instance love is a vey high vibrational energy whilst guilt is right down at the bottom, on a daily basis we can roll up and down the scale but when we are in a high vibration such as joy or excitement we will attract more of the same (the law of attraction!) so the key is to maintain a consistent vibration, this involves daily activities that lift us up.

Essentially this is doing things we enjoy and that are good for our mind, body and soul such as:


Listening to music




Getting out in nature

Staying well hydrated

Eating a healthy balanced diet


Connecting with loved ones


Doing whatever lights you up

I also particularly love using crystals and essential oils to support me on the daily, both are tools I have used for years, both hold a very high vibrational frequency, creating the potential for the body to raise its frequency and vibration, allowing healing to take place.

Essential Oils

I love to diffuse doTERRA essential oils, experimenting and creating new blends is fun along with playing with oils to use as natural perfumes, they are a safe, natural way to smell good and reap the benefits of their amazing properties - my particular favourites for lifting me up are:

Wild Orange






Ask me if you are interested in exploring with essential oils as I am partnered with doTERRA and can support you


My collection of crystals is getting out of hand, I adore the energy of these gorgeous rocks and literally can't get enough of them!

Crystals carry high vibrational frequencies which can support you on many different levels, you can place them around your home, office, care or carry them in your bag, purse, pocket, wherever (I used to always have several stuffed in my bra every day until I was told this was damaging to the soft tissues of the breast!)

My favourites are:


Rose Quartz




You can combine the 2 for a superlift and pop a drop onto your favourite crystal but you will need to check the crystal has a mohs hardness of 5 or higher (you can do a quick search online to find this) Otherwise find your ways of working with them both, you may wish to sit and meditate with them or simply have them round your home for easy absorption of energy!

Happy High Vibing - let me know how you get on!

Helen xx

Helen Pinkett is an Energy Healer, Intuitive Empath & Lightworker with a slight obsession with Astrology and all things related to Spirituality, the Universe, Personal Growth & Mindset

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