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REVIEW : SKIN WITHIN - Aquapure Facial

Those that know me know that I love skincare, beauty treatments and pampering so

having had a course of PRP or whats sometimes known as a 'Vampire Facial (I can assure you it is not as gory as it sounds or painful!) with Sarah at Skin Within I jumped at the opportunity to try out her newest offering the 'AquaPure' Facial and disappointed I was not!!

Lets rewind back to the beginning, I was recommended Sarah by a friend, Sarah is actually a trained Midwife and Health Visitor who has set up her own business so I felt in very safe hands, her treatment room is light, clean and airy, a beautiful space to chill out in.

Sarah herself is lovely and really puts you at ease, we chatted easily, laughed, I really enjoyed her company and I as I said I felt really well looked after. Sarah genuinely wants the best for you and is completely honest with her opinions and very much favours a holistic approach which was refreshing and was happy to follow her recommendations!

Onto the AquaPure Facial itself what is it..... well its an awesome machine, its actually a medically certified device that provides a 4 in 1 Hydradermabrasion facial care system in one!

The whole process was straightforward and quick, about 40 mins in total and was lovely and relaxing.

I will walk you through it.....

Firstly I was given options for the type of facial I wanted - I went for brightening

Step 1 - Peel - Cleanse & Exfoliate

This step removes dead skin cells and other impurities, it exfoliates and deep cleanses

Step 2 - Sebo - Anti Acne & Moisturise

This is for removing excess sebum, oil and dead skin cells along with blackheads. It also maintains the moisture levels in the skin

Step 3 - Rejuve - Nourish & Hydrate

Hydrates and nourishes the skin. Infuses anti-oxidant rich ingredients, nourishing and moisturising the skin

Step 4 - Electroporation

This enhances the delivery of the all the ingredients used, providing an effective and direct route to the inner layers of the skin by transdermal motion

Step 5 - Micro-Current

This step is for skin tightening and face slimming, it boosts elastin and collagen regeneration by conducting low electrical current to the skin and facial muscles

Step 6 - Cooling / Heating

For faster skin repair process, this step relieves the skin of hypersensitivity by stimulating blood circulation

After my AquaPure Facial my skin was GLOWING and felt absolutely amazing, it really is such a fabulous treatment, its gentle and suitable for all skin types and with no pre or post treatment requirements its perfect for before a special occasion.

I felt absolutely amazing the picture at the top was taken just after (no make up and no filters!) so you can see it really gives amazing results.

Again I would just like to highly recommend Sarah, shes lovely and her treatments are fabulous!


Or check out the website


Helen xx

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