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September Astrology Overview

September carries the energy of the number 6 in terms of numerology it represents

  • Happiness

  • Stability

  • Creativity and love

  • Harmony and order

The month ahead comes packed with awakening, balance, clarity, strength, and euphoric moments of interconnectedness due to the retrogrades (6 planets at one point!), Mars in Gemini plus the 9/9 portal all combine to create a month where we need to release and heal so we can truly step into our power.

Astrology Dates

2nd - Moon Enters Sagittarius

3rd - First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius - Pursue your goals

4th - Moon Enters Capricorn

4th - Mars Enters Retrograde Pre-Shadow in Gemini

Mars goes Retrograde on the 30th Oct so from this date its starting to slow down. Energy levels & ability to take action may be brought into focus

5th - Venus Enters Virgo

6th - Moon Enters Aquarius

9th - Moon Enters Pisces

9th - Mercury Retrograde in Libra

Mercury the planet of communication, technology & travel goes retro today. This isn't the time to make travel plans, sign contracts or make significant purchases. Reflect & slow down during this time.

10th - Full Moon in Pisces

This month's Full Moon lands in creative, imaginative & sensitive water sign Pisces. Expect amplified feelings, dreams and intuition

11th - Moon Enters Aries

13th - Moon Enters Taurus

15th - Moon Enters Gemini

17th - Last Quarter Moon in Gemini - Breakthroughs & letting go of old stories, behaviours & patterns that are not aligned

18th - Moon Enters Cancer

20th - Moon Enters Leo

22nd - Mercury Retrograde Aligns With The Sun

The most powerful day during this retrograde, its believed Mercury delivered messages & information during this time

23rd - Moon Enters Virgo

23rd - Sun Enters Libra & Equinox

The Sun moves out of Earth sign Virgo and into Air sign Libra, bringing a focus of balance

The Equinox celebrates the halfway point of the year which transitions us into the next season

25th - New Moon in Libra -

This New Moon opens up Eclipse season (yes, again already!) as well as bringing relationships into focus

25th - Moon Enters Libra

27th - Moon Enters Scorpio

29th - Venus in Libra

When both the Sun & Venus are both in Libra the vibrations can support heart healing, self love & divine feminine balancing

30th - Moon Enters Sagittarius

Human Design Transits Through The Sun

4th - 9th - Gate 64 - The Gate of Diverse Possibilities

10th - 14th - Gate 47 - The Gate of Realisation

15th - 20th - Gate 6 - The Gate of Conflict Resolution

21st - 26th - Gate 46 - The Gate of Serendipity

27th - 30th - Gate 18 - The Gate of Improving

Harness the power of this month's energies.......

  • Uncover new ways to protect yourself from negative, dense energies

  • Opening the heart to release low self-esteem, sadness, stress, or worry

  • Giving yourself permission to explore and go on an incredible adventure

  • Decluttering and preparing for Autumn to better balance the energies of light and dark

Have a fabulous month

Lots of Love

Helen xx

Helen Pinkett is an Energy Healer, Intuitive Empath & Lightworker with a slight obsession with Astrology and all things related to Spirituality, the Universe, Personal Growth & Mindset

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