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Super Full Moon in Capricorn - July 2022

The July Full Moon falls in the sign of Capricorn on the 13th, this earthy sign will be bringing a grounded energy and encouraging us to take responsibility for our ourselves and the direction we are going in.

This Full Moon is in fact a Super Moon which is the 3rd of the 4 we are experiencing this year, a Super Moon is when the Moon is closer to the Earth so it is extra big, bright and shiny.

Capricorn's themes are also goals and achievements, this hard working sign is ruled by Saturn and is also associated with responsibility and discipline

The energy of this Full Moon is a heavy one as we are in for wake up calls and realisations,

things may come to a head as we realise we can't go on in a certain direction or that things have to change, this can make for uncomfortable feelings that will need to be faced head on

Pluto and Mercury are near the Moon during this phase, Mercury the planet of communication may be making us feel its time to have difficult conversations and to express how we really feel, while Pluto will also be making us face uncomfortable situations

Capricorn symbol is the goat, the goat is determined, grounded and practical, it can climb mountains, slowly and steadily it will reach the top focused on its goal. The journey may be tough but it always gets to where it needs to be, this is the same for any challenges you encounter under this energy, head down and face whatever is thrown at you, keep going as the view at the end will always be worth it.

Use this Full Moon energy to...

Review whats working and whats not in our lives - ask yourself if you are happy in your work, relationship etc

Get stuff done

Work on plans and goals

Take steps towards your goals

De-clutter (physically in your home as well as your head!)

Get things sorted, get those jobs you've been procrastinating on, now's the time to get on it

Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn, its currently in retrograde and is all about discipline, structure and responsibility so this along with Capricorns attributes make this one quite a serious and almost business like type vibes

Affirmations For The Capricorn Full Moon

There is no limit to what I can achieve

My hard work pays off

I am the designer of my life and my dreams

I am allowed to play

Its ok to take breaks and enjoy life

Crystals For The Capricorn Full Moon

Dalmation Jasper - Balance

Garnet - Determination

Smokey Quartz - Grounding

Onyx - Inner strength

Every Full Moon symbolises the end of a cycle, endings, closures and a time for letting go, releasing what no longer serves us.

To honour this period you can do this ritual -

Write out lists in detail of everything you want to let go of, this can be physical as well as

patterns, habits, mindsets, resentment - anything that is no longer serving you

Take the list outside, read it out loud and then burn it - let it all go!!

So all in all this Full Moon may be intense but you can use this energy to get stuck into working towards your goals.

Much Love

Helen xx

Helen Pinkett is an Energy Healer, Intuitive Empath & Lightworker with a slight obsession with Astrology and all things related to Spirituality, the Universe, Personal Growth & Mindset

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