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Super Full Moon In Sagittarius - 14th/15th June 2022

June's Full Moon happens to be SuperMoon, this means that the Moon is at its closest to the Earth, it looks brighter, they usually occur 2 - 4 times a year (there is also such a thing as a mini - moon!)

The June Full Moon is also known as a Strawberry Moon!

Full Moons signify endings, the completion of a cycle, release and emotional energy so this is a good time to look at what needs to be let go of in your life in order to move forwards.

The Sagittarius energy, is the most optimistic, adventurous sign of the zodiac, its a happy-go-lucky sign that doesn't take things too seriously so you may find the energy under this Full Moon to be lighter than usual.

This Moon brings enthusiasm, inspiration, passion and a sense of purpose

Under the Sagittarius Full Moon its a good time for.....

  • Learning, teaching, writing, publishing, or speaking

  • Acknowledging who you are and where you want to be

  • Do something brave & bold

  • Travel, especially far distances or to new places

  • Marketing or promotions

  • Dealing with the law

  • Pursuing what you believe

  • Tie up any loose ends

Sagittarius energy will come along and lift you up and turn your mood around as its got such an optimistic outlook - look forward to some light hearted times!

It is possible that there could be some drama stirred up around beliefs and other peoples opinions, we may need to remind ourselves to be more open to different viewpoints

Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, he is the planet of purpose and possibility and will take you to the edge of your comfort zone in order to help you fulfil your potential and expand your truth, knowledge and horizons.

Crystals for the Sagittarius Full Moon

  • Aventurine (adventurous, prosperous)

  • Smoky quartz (travel, movement)

  • Lapis lazuli (wisdom)

  • Labradorite (spiritual)

  • Chrysocolla (freedom)

A simple crystal ritual you can try is to hold it in your non-dominant hand while under the Moon, gently breathing and feeling the energy flow to and from the crystal into you. Allow your intuition to open up and see what comes to you.

Affirmations/Journal Prompts for the Sagittarius Full Moon

I aim to fulfil my full potential and souls calling

I aim my vision towards my goals and dreams

I aim to find freedom in all areas of my life

This can be an excellent time to enjoy yourself, to have new experiences, and to share your wisdom with others.

Focus on the good, and let yourself take time away from the serious!!

Take care of yourself during these energies, listen to your body and follow your intuitive guidance, drink plenty of water, nourish and nurture your body, mind and soul and go with the flow of the energy.

Keep Well



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