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The Benefits Of Essential Oils

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

My love for essential oils began a good few years ago, as I was becoming more spiritually aware I became drawn to the natural benefits of them and how they can support me on my journey particularly on an emotional and spiritual level.

As I started exploring I actually happened to meet a wonderful lady who introduced me to doTERRA, a leading brand in pure, potent and safe oils.

I really began to learn more about all the different oils, its amazing, there really is an oil for everything and so much to explore! Oils really are natures gift and can aid you on your healing journey, uplift your mood, support physical, emotional and mental issues.

I have had particular success with using oils when I used to suffer from migraines now if I ever feel a headache creeping in I have my own protocol I head straight for (Past Tense, Peppermint, Copaiba & Frankincense - in case you are interested!)

I diffuse blends every day and love to experiment with various oils to create uplifting scents for my home.

The thing with oils is that not only do they smell great but they are working on your energy and emotions as soon as you inhale them, so cool how we can change our state through the power of smell!

My favourite oils are: Frankincense, Motivate, InTune, Wild Orange & Lime

Benefits Of Essential Oils

*Boost mood.

*Improve job performance through reduced stress and increased attentiveness.

*Improve sleep.

*Kill bacteria, funguses and viruses.

*Reduce anxiety and pain.

*Reduce inflammation.

*Reduce nausea.

*Relieve headaches.

How To Use Essential Oils :

*Inhaling from the bottle


*Applying on skin topically (always use a carrier oil)

*Ingesting (through capsules, on tongue or in food - ALWAYS read the label to check its an ingestible

Please always use oils safely and be aware of any contraindications for certain illnesses/pregnancy etc

If you want to explore the wonderful world of essential oils then check out my group or get in touch with me -

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