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The Benefits Of Meditation

I am somewhat of a dedicated meditator, I do it at least once a day, it’s become a healthy habit which has had an amazing impact on my mindset and mental health.

Meditating has many benefits and for me has been brilliant for slowing me down, helping with anxiety and creating space in my mind so I don’t go into overwhelm.

I started my practice around 6/7 years ago, when I began listening to guided meditations and literally felt a difference overnight, for me it gives me an anchor at the start of my day, it helps me stay connected to my intuition, feel calmer and more relaxed.

The Benefits Of Meditation…….

1) Better sleep

2) Increased positivity

3) Less stressed

4) Better concentration and focus

5) Connected to inner voice

6) Increased creativity

7) Helps fight addictions

8) Enhances the immune system

9) Lowers blood pressure

10) Elevated energy levels

Anyone can meditate, really yes anyone! It’s a great tool to introduce your kids to, teaching them early will empower them and give them a skill which will help them throughout their life

''The goal of meditation is not to control your thoughts, its to stop letting them control you''

So how do you meditate? It’s easy, anyone can do it and you can start now……

1) Find a quiet, comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed

2) Close your eyes

3) Focus on your breath – feel the air going in through your nose and out through your mouth

4) Notice any thoughts that arise – it’s natural for the mind to wander so just allow thoughts to flow

5) Return to the breath – let the thoughts pass through and come back to the present by focusing on the breath again

6) Start small – begin with just a few minutes and then build up as you feel ready

7) Practice regularly

It may feel uncomfortable at first but with practice it gets easier, the key is to just go with the flow and don't fight any thoughts. The more you 'try' to quieten your mind, the harder it becomes so observe any thoughts and let them go.

I'm a BIG fan of listening to a guided meditation, I find them super powerful for keeping my mindset in check and there are SO many to choose from!

Where to find guided meditations –

YouTube – Just type in guided meditation and you will be spoilt for choice

Relax Me Happy – Join the membership and get sent a beautiful track each month

Apps –

Insight Timer



I'm off to listen to a meditation right now, good luck with getting started, let me know how you get on!

Much Love

Helen x

''Silence isn't empty, its full of answers''
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