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The Moon & Attuning To The Natural Rhythms

Have you noticed how your energy ebbs and flows?

One day you are feeling like a superhero, ticking off items on your to do list with ease and flowing through your day feeling productive and motivated yet other days you really can’t be bothered, everything feels like an effort and come to think of it you feel a bit spacey, headachy a little off balance?

You could be feeling the pull of the Moon’s energies!

The Moon is a powerful thing, it controls the tides and pretty much everything living thing on the planet, us humans are made up of 80% water so if the Moon can have an effect on the ocean then it can have an effect on us and have an effect it does! The Moon can affect our moods, emotions and behaviours causing us to feel more sensitive or drained at certain times of the month, or it could be that you feel hyper, energised and super creative.

The Moon goes through 8 phases on a 28 day cycle which also fits with the female menstrual cycle, the main two phases are the New Moon and the Full Moon (in between you have the waxing and waning Moons).

These two phases can have a powerful effect on how we are feeling, its energies are strong and we may notice that we feel particularly emotional around these times.

The New Moon is a great time for manifesting, list your dreams, wishes, goals and intentions during this time. It’s a perfect time for fresh starts and new beginnings.

The Full Moon is a time for forgiveness and releasing, let go of old habits, patterns, negative thoughts or things that are holding you back. It’s also a time to forgive, let go of any grudges, resentment or people, letting go of negativity can help you move on and will leave space for the positives to flow in, we are all capable of attuning with the Moons energies and activating our inner power.

Here is a brief overview of the phases……

New Moon – New Beginnings

This is a time to start new projects and phases in your life. It is a great time to gather your thoughts together and plan for the month ahead.

Waxing Crescent Moon – Intentions

During this time you should focus on the why, think of it like planting seeds. Why are you doing what you are doing and what intentions are going to get you there? Write a list of your intentions and keep them in mind. What things do you want to accomplish or get done?

First Quarter Moon – Decisions

During this phase spend extra time making decisions, spend the time to sit back a reflect on any decisions you have made in life, what did they mean to you and what did you learn from them. Use your previous decision making to help you overcome any obstacles in future decision making.

Waxing Gibbous Moon – Refinement

During this this time really take care in the detail, be mindful of what you are doing and pay that little bit extra attention to everything that you do. Assess your goals and figure out what is working for you right now and what may need to change.

Full Moon – Release

This is a great time to set goals and make any promises to yourself on a soul level, If there are any areas of spiritual growth you wish to develop this is a great time to set these intentions and release any setbacks, negative feelings, blames and guilt you have placed on yourself. This is the time for your journey to face inwards.

Waning Gibbous Moon – Gratitude

This is the time to reflect on what has been happening and focus on gratitude. Make a list of all the things you are grateful for.

Third Quarter Moon –Forgiveness

During this time forgive yourself of any mistakes, bad habits and anything that has gone wrong. Forgiveness allows us to move on and approach every situation from a place of love. Use this time to forgive others and forgive yourself, this act can be quite powerful as it releases old energy.

Waning Crescent Moon – Surrender

During this time take extra care to let go, do not try to control the world around you as this will not bring you peace. Spend time being mindful, going with the flow and surrendering to the world around you.

Then its back to the New Moon again to repeat the cycle!

By attuning ourselves to the natural rhythms and cycles of nature and our bodies we can be more productive and happier, working in alignment rather than fighting against our need for rest and downtime.

To start getting aligned you need to keep track of how you are feeling each day and whats happening for you, by collating this information and tracking your menstrual cycles along with the Moons phases you can create a picture of your personal energy calendar.

When you become aware of your higher and lower energy points you can start to schedule around how you know you are going to feel.

Are you going to give this a go? Do you already do it?

I have found going with the flow and working with the natural flow of life to be a game changer and its taught me that its ok to take a rest and slow down, our bodies and minds need it!

If you would like to learn more please ask me about my Energy Tracker which will be available soon and my Inner Circle membership where I run a twice monthly Moon workshop!

Much Love

Helen x

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