What Is Energy Editing?

I stumbled across Energy Editing around 3 years ago, it was one of those modalities that I just fell in love with. I started having regular sessions to help me grow my confidence in business and clear abundance blocks

After several sessions I was hooked and I knew that I had to be trained in this particular type of energy healing!

Having tried many many techniques for some reason this one really called to me, not only was I having massive shifts through regular sessions myself I felt it would be a great addition to my offerings too.

I ended up training in The Ease Method as well as Energy Editing, both modalities created by Michelle Lowbridge a successful Energy Healer and Kinesiologist.

Both techniques are similar and I combine them in my sessions along with other techniques such as energy clearing, card readings, pendulum dowsing, essential oils, crystals, gamma mindset technique, kinesiology, eft & meditations

Everybody has an energy system, well let's be honest everything is energy but by working with our energy we can create powerful and lasting change in all areas of our lives.

The Energy system is comprised of 3 parts.......

Chakras - Spinning wheels of light, or sometimes depicted as flowers these colourful energy centres relate to different aspects of human spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health.

There are 7 main chakras.......

Root - Our grounding chakra. It begins at the base of the spine and grounds our soul to our body. This energy centre is responsible for protecting the spinal column, the rectum, legs, bones and feet. Emotionally it ties to survival, stability, acceptance, self preservation, perception, fear and safety.

Sacral - is located in the lower abdomen and rules over sexuality, emotions, creativity and financial matters.

Solar Plexus - sits below the diaphragm and controls feelings of power, self-esteem and our relationship with our inner self.

Heart - this chakra rules the heart, cardiac system and chest. It also governs love, forgiveness, relationships, loneliness, depression and devotion.

Throat - Sits in the throat area and rules self expression, communication and speaking one’s truth.

Third Eye - is located in the centre of the forehead and rules over our intuition, the mind, our imagination, intelligence and the ability to see life clearly.

Crown - is the portal to our spiritual self and is responsible for spiritual awakenings, karma, awareness and all things divine.

Meridian Lines - A network of energy lines that lie across the whole body, we have 12 main meridians which carry life energy or chi throughout our body. Sometimes these lines get blocked through stress, trauma, drug and alcohol abuse, injury or bad diet which can lead to use feeling drained, depleted, disconnected and depressed.

Energy Fields (Aura) - We have 7 invisible energy fields around us

Etheric - Represents the physical body, muscles, tissues, bones,

Emotional - Represents emotions and feelings

Mental - Represents thoughts, cognitive processes and state of mind

Astral - Represents where we form our astral cords with others

Etheric Template - Represents the entire blueprint of the body that exists on this physical plane

Spiritual - Carries a very strong and powerful vibration

Divine - Represents the feeling of being one with the Universe

I have found working with my energy to be transformational for myself and continue to have regular sessions so I can work through my blocks and issues as they arise, it can help with anything from confidence to money blocks, physical issues, business & mindset problems.

This powerful transformational technique can help to release underlying issues, old stuck energy, programming and past events not just from this life, from your past lives as well as ancestral programming

I can support you in releasing:

*Emotional baggage


*Self Limiting Beliefs

*Mindset Blocks

*Negative thoughts

During a session we will discuss what's been happening for you, I hold a safe space where you can authentically share and I will tune in intuitively and lead you through a series of protocols to get the old energy processed and released NOTE: You may need some tissues, it's not uncommon to release in the form of tears - this is a good sign and I am always happy when I get this reaction!

In short Energy Editing and The Ease Method are very effective systems that creates amazing change, improving our wellbeing and general happiness, resolving our issues so we can wave goodbye to them forever and live our life to our true potential.

If you are curious and feeling drawn to this type of work and ready to transform I offer Taster Sessions (£45) to experience the way I work along with 1:1 coaching programmes (£777 for 3 months) and my very popular Thrive monthly group programme £127.

Drop me a message and let's chat about how we can move forwards together.

Contact me - helen@helenpinkett.com

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